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This is the Billcast - sounds from Bill Thompson

Jul 4, 2006

As we look forward to the Festival opening night on Thursday, we have an exclusive interview with director Terry Gilliam, news of a special treat for festivalgoers from Bruce Weber, and a report from the open air screening of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Bill Thompson
over fourteen years ago

We all have to start somewhere - and he has a compelling vision and brings his photographer\'s sensibility to his filmmaking. Come to the show and see what you think :-)

Gordon Joly
over fourteen years ago

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`Tokyo` Mike Reid
over fourteen years ago

General: As an ex-C.A.A.T. student I`m cherishing the podcasts with their local references. Similar excitement to hearing Telstar transmissions on crystal sets..history in the making.
Terry Gilliam Interview: Nice interview with revelations of his intuitive approach to film making.`Devisive` films ? Either love his stuff or the opposite ? What word would you use to describe films which have some good bits hidden in a sea of discomfort ? Fractured ? If so, I guess he`s still trying to get it right. Good luck to him.