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Jan Gilbert chats to local filmmaker Peter Harmer about the Cambridgeshire Film Consortium's recent World War Two reminiscence project which brought together primary school children and local care home residents.
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Jan Gilbert talks to April Mullen and Tim Doiron, writers-producers-directors and stars of "Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser", the runaway cult hit of this year's CFF.
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Neil Brand Interview  Jan Gilbert interviews accompanist Neil Brand about his work and the films he is performing to at this year's Festival.
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Interview with Kenneth Branagh Kenneth Branagh's 'As You Like It' is one of the most popular films at this year's Festival. Here Jan Gilbert talks to the director about Shakespeare, Japan, and future projects.
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The 27th Cambridge Film Festival kicked off in grand style last night with a performance from Michael Nyman.  Bill Thompson was there to hear his accompaniment to Vertov and Vigo - and here he introduces this year's festival programme.
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A brief conversation with John Naughton Jan Gilbert talks to John Naughton, chair of the 'Future Space' session at the ENTER_ conference
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Sarah Evans from Wysing Arts Jan Gilbert talks to  Sarah Evans
Direct download: ENTER_-_Sarah_Evans_-_Artist_-_Wysing_Arts_Centre.mp3
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Talking to Mark Dixon Jan Gilbert talks to Mark Dixon, creator of the spectacular LED lightshow, Network, which illuminates Parker's Piece each night of the festival.
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Proboscis A conversation with Giles Lane from Proboscis
Direct download: ENTER_-_Giles_Lane_-_Director_of_Proboscis.mp3
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Talking to Sarah Jan talks to Sarah Thompson about the festival
Direct download: ENTER_-_Sarah_Thompson_-_Hospitality-Network_Development_Manager.mp3
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What's in the tent? George Evangelinos shows Jan around a dome...
Direct download: ENTER_-_Intern_-_George_Evangelinos_-_tour_of_tent.mp3
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Programme manager Chris Rogers Jan Gilbert talks to programme manager Chris Rogers
Direct download: ENTER_-_PROG_MANAGER_-_Chris_Rogers.mp3
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Hearing from Philip Abraham Jan talks to Philip Abraham
Direct download: ENTER_-_PR_-_Phillip_Abraham.mp3
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What ENTER_ is here for Jan Gilbert talked to Alison Gibb, Marketing Manager for ENTER_UNKNOWN TERRITORIES.
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ENTER_: another audience view Gunter, a visitor to ENTER_, gives Jan his opinions.
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ENTER_: the audience view We hear from Adam, a visitor to the domes on Parker's Piece in Cambridge.
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Blogging from ENTER_ Over the next few days we are going to be podcasting from the ENTER_UNKNOWN TERRITORIES festival and conference taking place here in Cambridge
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The Cambridge Film Trust Introducing the Cambridge Festival Trust
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