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Sunday 28th September-Finale Lindsay Brand, Lucy Newman and Max Thompson brave the festival bar to gather some final thoughts and feelings from the 28th Cambridge film festival. Please be away that the following podcast may contain some moderate language.
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Machinima - 'Play's the thing' Lindsay Brand and Alex Fraiser explore the Machinima talks from the cambridge film festival, focusing particularly on game-based machinima from the 'Play's the thing' discussion.
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Import/Export Q&A with Ulrich Seidl                    We were delighted to welcome director Ulrich Seidl to the screening of Import/Export after which he took part in a Q&A. Both confrontational and compassionate, Seidl’s tale of migration and social borders weaves its way through contemporary Europe as it interrogates the political, cultural and economic forces which shape life here. Moving in diametrically opposed directions, the film traces two of its citizens’ peripatetic journeys toward a better life: nurse Olga leaves the poverty of the Ukraine for a new start in Austria, while unemployed Austrian Paul heads to the Ukraine in search of work and meaning.
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Tilda Swinton at the Cambridge Film Festival On Saturday September 20 noted actor Tilda Swinton came to Cambridge for the screening of JULIA, one of several films in this year's Festival with which she is associated.

In this first extract from the Q&A session which followed the screening Tilda talks about JULIA and about the state of independent cinema in the UK.
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EDEN: Q&A with Aidan Kelley Set in a thriving town in the midlands of Ireland, EDEN tells the story of a week in the lives of Billy and Breda Farrell as they approach their 10th wedding anniversary. Breda is determined that the milestone will re-ignite the passion in their marriage. Billy’s got other plans. He’s become infatuated with the unobtainable Imelda Egan and has convinced himself that they will be lovers by the weekend.

As the date draws closer, Billy's behaviour becomes more and more chaotic, while Breda's frustrations crystalise and find more mature, high-risk expression. EDEN is the screen adaptation of Eugene O'Brien's critically acclaimed, award-winning play of the same name, marking the second collaboration by director Declan Recks, Eugene O’Brien and RTÉ Television.

We were delighted that lead actor Aidan Kelley was able to be present for the screening on Friday 19 September.  EDEN is screened again on Saturday 20 September.
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Open for business Festival Director Tony Jones introduces the 2008 Cambridge Film Festival, and namechecks Tilda Swinton, Peter Greenaway, Werner Herzog, Neil Brand and of course Emily Boldy.

Followed by Walter Salles' introduction to his film LINHA DE PASSE.

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An open-air odyssey to open the Festival The Festival kicked off with two open-air screenings of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY in front of the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge, and we were there to talk to the audience and the organisers of this extraordinary event.

Producer: Bill Thompson
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Linha de Passe Our opening night film is LINHA DE PASSE.

Sao Paulo. 20 million inhabitants, 200 kilometres of traffic, 300,000 messengers on motorcycles. At the heart of one of the toughest, most chaotic cities in the world, four brothers try to reinvent themselves in different ways. With the backdrop of Brazil in a state of emergency, each one is looking for a way out…

This effort from Walter Salles (THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES) and his frequent collaborator Daniela Thomas (MIDNIGHT) is a characteristically humane and intelligent work. Steadfast in its refusal to glamourise violence and the extremity of the environment which the film’s characters are forced to inhabit, LINHA DE PASSE exudes compassion, drama and insight.

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