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Daily Preview Podcast - 21/9/10

A look ahead at the evening's festivities here at the Cambridge Film Festival

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Daily Preview - 20/9/10

A preview of all the goings on today the Cambridge Film Festival

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Daily Preview - 19/9/10

A preview of all the day's events for the 4th day of the Festival, Sunday 19th September.

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Daily Preview 18/9/10

A look ahead to all the happenings of the Cambridge Film Festival on Saturday 18th September.

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A podcast previewing all the films at the Cambridge Film Festival for the evening of the 17th of September.

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CFF09 Preview Podcast The 29th Festival is fast approaching and Matt, our online intern for this year's Festival, is here to bring you a special taster podcast so you know what to expect from the Festival this year.
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Sunday 28th September-Finale Lindsay Brand, Lucy Newman and Max Thompson brave the festival bar to gather some final thoughts and feelings from the 28th Cambridge film festival. Please be away that the following podcast may contain some moderate language.
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Machinima - 'Play's the thing' Lindsay Brand and Alex Fraiser explore the Machinima talks from the cambridge film festival, focusing particularly on game-based machinima from the 'Play's the thing' discussion.
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Import/Export Q&A with Ulrich Seidl                    We were delighted to welcome director Ulrich Seidl to the screening of Import/Export after which he took part in a Q&A. Both confrontational and compassionate, Seidl’s tale of migration and social borders weaves its way through contemporary Europe as it interrogates the political, cultural and economic forces which shape life here. Moving in diametrically opposed directions, the film traces two of its citizens’ peripatetic journeys toward a better life: nurse Olga leaves the poverty of the Ukraine for a new start in Austria, while unemployed Austrian Paul heads to the Ukraine in search of work and meaning.
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Jan Gilbert chats to local filmmaker Peter Harmer about the Cambridgeshire Film Consortium's recent World War Two reminiscence project which brought together primary school children and local care home residents.
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Jan Gilbert talks to April Mullen and Tim Doiron, writers-producers-directors and stars of "Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser", the runaway cult hit of this year's CFF.
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Interview with Kenneth Branagh Kenneth Branagh's 'As You Like It' is one of the most popular films at this year's Festival. Here Jan Gilbert talks to the director about Shakespeare, Japan, and future projects.
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The 27th Cambridge Film Festival kicked off in grand style last night with a performance from Michael Nyman.  Bill Thompson was there to hear his accompaniment to Vertov and Vigo - and here he introduces this year's festival programme.
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July 17th podcast Jan Gilbert presents the final festival podcast - for now at least - which includes an interview with Terry Gilliam as he visits Cambridge for the closing night screening of Tideland, and an exclusive interview with Dan Owen.
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July 16th Podcast It's the final day of the festival, with special guest Terry Gilliam here for the screening of his new film, Tideland. On the podcast today we have audience reaction to Cars and some of the other animations in the Festival, more from Friday's video Q&A with Bruce Weber, and news of the Cambridge Film Trust from Isabelle McNeill.
Direct download: 20060716podcast.mp3
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July 15th podcast It's the final weekend of the festival, so what better way to add to the enjoyment than with a piano and violin accompaniment - hear how Daniel Brand and Gunther Brunwald added sound to the Open Road. And we have Bruce Weber, live via Internet from Long Island, discussing Chet Baker and Let's Get Lost.
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July 14th Podcast Another film-packed show today, including an interview with German director Fred Kelerman, Trish Sheil discussing the education programme and Mike Figgis talking dirty - and not forgetting manga robot Tetsujin 28.
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July 13th podcast Published slightly later than planned thanks to technical problems - details on application - today's podcast includes an interview with the director of Visit Palestine, audience response to Projecting Britain and a feature on The Gigolos.
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July 12th podcast - part two In the second part of todays podcast guest presenter Rowan Pelling discusses the festivals erotic season. We hear from collector Jack Stevenson about varying attitudes towards nudity and find out the views of some Cambridge sixth form students on classification and censorhip after attending a session with the British Board of film Classification.
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July 12th podcast - part one In the first part of today's special edition, presented by Meera Senthilingam, we hear from Jon Mitchell about the documentaries in the Presenting Britain series featuring all week at the Festival, and get audience reaction to Theorem and King Kong.

Part Two, available from one pm, is introduced by Rowan Pelling who tells us about what's to come in the Short History of Erotic Cinema
Direct download: 20060712partone.mp3
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July 11th - podcast Jan Gilbert presents today's show, including the Festival Director Tony Jones' picks and a selection of audience reviews.
Direct download: 20060711apodcast.mp3
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July 10th Podcast We catch up with Neville Raschid, producer of Flirting with Flamenco, following its world premiere at the festival - and hear from a Cambridge-based flamenco dancer about the quality of performance in the film.  We also have a report on the Birds Eye View short film programme.
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July 9th Podcast Today's show is largely devoted to Luc Besson, so look away now if you're not a fan - although we do also have a report on Albanian cinema for those who wish the French no goodwill this evening.
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July 8th Podcast Today on the Cambridge Film Festival podcast we have a report on last night's panel on Iraqi film, and an interview with director Matthew Daniels, whose film 'Powerless' screens today.
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July 7th Podcast In our podcast for July 7th we report on the opening night of the festival, review three of the films shown, and interview Graham Fellows.
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An Evening at Felbrigg On the first full day of the Festival we present a report on Tuesday's open-air screening of 'A Cock and Bull Story' at Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk, and hear from Stephen Fry and Steve Coogan about the importance of film festivals.
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The Second Festival Podcast As we look forward to the Festival opening night on Thursday, we have an exclusive interview with director Terry Gilliam, news of a special treat for festivalgoers from Bruce Weber, and a report from the open air screening of Pirates of the Caribbean.
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Festival Programme Announced In our first episode we hear from Rowan Pelling about the erotic film season, and find out where you can watch cinema in the open air during the festival,
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Announcing the Festival Podcast This year's Cambridge Film Festival will run from July 6-16th,  with a daily podcast to bring you news, views, reviews, interviews and even some things that don't rhyme with 'new'... watch this RSS feed, subscribe via iTunes or Yahoo!, and get the Festival podcast every day.
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